'Best Of All' Award Winner in 'Rajiv Gandhi National Quality Award' by BIS,Govt of India(Gold Plated Plaque,and 5 Lakhs,2015)

Core Value

Forward Looking

Ensuring that our students are innovative and are equipped with tools needed for research, reporting and analysis, for future success with a special emphasis on the ICT, Science and Technology in our educational programmes.

Ethical Universal Values

Students are taught to do the right thing through healthy social attitudes and a spirit of humanity that provide them with an ethical value system and social skills to guide them through life.


Excellence is embodied in our academic achievement, a positive school culture and character development focus through daily positive affirmations to our students of high expectations and in our daily encounters with the community we serve.

Leadership Attributes

Honing each student’s individual potential for leadership by guiding them to be critical thinkers, risk takers, problem solvers, confident communicators and informed decision makers.

Social Responsibility

An acceptance of the oneness of humanity by inculcating social, cultural and environmental awareness in our students in order to make them contributing world citizens.