'Best Of All' Award Winner in 'Rajiv Gandhi National Quality Award' by BIS,Govt of India(Gold Plated Plaque,and 5 Lakhs,2015)

International Exposure

Youth Exchange Programme , Sri Lanka


NPS International School was awarded with the Global Understanding for Sustainable Development Award during the Youth Exchange programme-2017 between Sri Lanka and India ,from 28th August to 5th September 2017 . The award was for the contribution of the School in creating awareness among the masses, especially the youths, in fulfilling the sustainable development goals of the United Nations . The award was presented by National Youth Services Council, Ministry of National Policies and Economic Affairs, Government of Sri Lanka. This Ministry is headed by the Prime Minister of Sri Lanka.

Students of NPS International School were a part of a 30 member Indian delegation which included some of the leading schools of the country, including Maharani Gayatri Devi School, Jaipur and schools from Tamil Nadu and Maharashtra. NPS International School was awarded for its commendable work in Assam on 5 UN sustainable development goals out of 17 . The 5 goals taken up by NPS are: Good Health and well being, Quality Education, Clean Water and sanitation, Climate action and Partnership to achieve the goals . NPS had participated in this exchange programme as a result of the last mentioned SDG of the UN. Mr Roshan Jayasuria, Assistant Director, International Youth Relation Division, National Youth Service Council, Sri Lanka congratulated the NPS students for their contribution in popularising the goals of the UN among the masses, especially the youth. The award carries a wooden plaque along with a certificate from the Sri Lankan Ministry of National Policies and Economic Affairs.

Mr. J.N.Das, Founder Chairman of NPS appreciated the efforts of the Indian and Sri Lankan govt. for conducting this Youth Exchange programme. He also lauded the stringent method of screening the students in Sri Lanka for various competitions and national /international level programmes . The selection procedure begins from village level to the National level. He mentioned that the Student Parliament Programme of Sri Lanka is something to be emulated by our country. It provides an opportunity to the student representatives to have an open dialogue with the Policy makers on the plans and policies pertaining to the development of their country.

It is interesting to note that Sri Lanka shares a lot of similarity with India, particularly with Assam. The food habits , craft, culture , tea gardens, spice cultivation farms and even certain words in their language are very similar to that of Assam. The terrain and weather conditions are also same. Therefore the students felt it was home away from home.

The visiting students also took part in various activities, including participation in different high-profile seminars organised in that country. Participating in a seminar, conducted by Mr Kusala Fernando, Principal of Prince Wales College, Sri Lanka, attended by many educational experts from that country, the NPS students got to know about the various initiatives taken by the Sri Lankan Government for improvement of educational system in that country.

As a part of the visit, the NPS students were also taken to some of the prominent institutions of educational importance, including Prince Wales College of Sri Lanka. NPS students also visited Parliament House of Sri Lanka. They also held a group discussion with the Additional Secretary of the Ministry of National Policies and Economic Affairs Mr KAS Keeragala regarding policies for youth development in Sri Lanka and its implementation.

1st school from North-east to step into NASA, undergo ATX

ATX Trainings at NASA, USA

October 23-31, 2011 turned to be a historic moment for the students of NPS International School, Guwahati as they got the golden opportunity to explore NASA’s John F. Kennedy Space Center, the nation’s gateway to exploring, discovering and understanding our universe. Following that humble beginning, students of the school are visiting NASA, USA almost every year, including the years 2016.

NPS becomes the first school from Northeast region of India to visit NASA, USA and their students got the opportunity to undergo Astronomy Training there during that trip. In the year 2016, altogether 37 students of NPS International School went for a 3-day astronaut training experience (ATX) in NASA whose mission is to pioneer the future in space exploration, scientific discovery and aeronautics research. The training started with basic questions like ’What’s out there in space’? ’How do we get there’? ’What can we learn there? etc.

NASA scientists educated our students with the fact that President John F Kennedy focused NASA and the nation on sending astronauts to the moon by the end of the 1960s. On July 20, 1969, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin become the first of 12 men to walk on the moon, meeting Kennedy’s challenges. Students of NPS International School experienced the sights, sounds and sanctions of a vertical launch in humankind’s most complex vehicle - the Space Shuttle. They began the Journey just like an astronaut which was indeed a very thrilling experience.

Students, during their visit to NASA, were taken to US Astronaut Hall of Fame where they got a taste of firsthand experience of astronauts for real missions. Students feel the pull of 4Gs in the G - Force Simulator, sat in a mission control console, touched a Mars rock and landed the space shuttle. All these provided a true experience of Space Flight to the students of NPS International School.

On 2011, NASA Scientist Mark Lee explained to our students about NASA vision for space exploration. He told that exploration provides the foundation of our knowledge, technology, resources and inspiration. Through the platform of NASA, the students got a chance to touch the unknown, to learn and to understand. As they took their first step towards sustaining a human presence in the solar system, they can look forward to far off visions of the past becoming relatives of the future of the Globe.

Students of NPS International School were enlightened with the knowledge of various parts and different functions of the space craft (landing & launching) by the astronauts and scientists of NASA. Students got the golden opportunity to have lunch with the famous astronaut Mark Lee.

During the lunch he educated our students on the health problems they face in space, how to overcome them, and what kind of food they should take; in short, life style in the space was explained to the students. The entire NASA session training was a great learning experience for the students of NPS International School.

In 2016

In 2015

In 2011

International kids film fest at NPS campus

International kids film fest at NPS campus:

Guwahati, November 24, 2015: The ninth edition of the International Chinh India Kids Film Festival got off to a flying start with participation of representatives from countries like Italy, Sweden, Russia, Brazil and South Africa at the premises of NPS International School in the city on Tuesday.

The venue of the festival turned into a sea of children as kids, both foreign and domestic in colourful dresses attended the inaugural function of the three-day-long festival.

Children from different schools of the city judged foreign films in three different categories, namely pre-school (children between 4 to 6 years), early education (children between7 to 12 years) and animation category (children between 13-17 years) during the first day of the festival.

As a jury, the students exposed to art of media appreciation by viewing, evaluating and critically examining children media content entered in the festival from across the world.

“It is a wonderful opportunity to reinforce our skills of critical thinking, creativity, communication and decision making. It’s a lifetime opportunity for all of us,” one of the students, who were the members of the jury, said.

Earlier in the day, NPS International School founder director, JN Das, welcomed all the participants of the film festival.

Participating in the inaugural function as special guest, prominent film director Gautam Bora spoke on the importance of organising such festival to create a better understanding among the citizens of the world.

“Films always help the common people to understand about the society well. If we organise international film festivals and that too exclusively for kids, this will definitely help the future world community to understand about the world in a better way,” he said, while delivering his speech.

Stressing on the need of maintaining world peace and harmony through films, the film director of national repute expressed his serious concern over the present condition of Assamese films industry. “The present condition of the Assamese film industry is not encouraging at all. However, the initiative taken by NPS International School to organise such a mega event will definitely help to bring back the lost glory of the Assamese film industry,” Bora said. He also elaborated on how to make an environment of universal brotherhood through organising such international kids film festival.

Lauding the effort of NPS International School, Guwahati in organising the event, Natascia de Rosa, representative of Giffoni Film Festival, Italy, said that international issues like terrorism, etc., can also be addressed by organising film festivals. “Students are getting enormous opportunity to exchange their views during the 3-day event. Through the screening of the films, participating children will definitely get an opportunity to know about what is happening in the world,” she said.

Film personality of international repute Elena from Russia also urged the participating students to see foreign films to at least to know about their neighbourhood.

In his welcome speech, founder director of NPS International School, Guwahati, JN Das, thanked the participants and other film personalities for participating in the programme and reiterated his commitment to provide proper platform to students to get international exposure. “Apart from improvement in academic front, NPS International School, Guwahati is committed to provide students of the Northeast to provide adequate platform to get international exposure,” he said.

Participating the programme as chief guest, Sanjeev Das, Regional Officer, CBSE appreciated the move to organise the film festival in Guwahati. He also requested the students to witness the foreign films for their better future.

The festival is being organised by NPS International School in association with the CHINH Early Education Web Channel. Meenakshi and Vinay Rai, founders of Chinh Early Education Web Channel, along with Mridul Laskar, Assamese film director, and all the foreign delegates and students were also felicitated during the programme.

Earlier in the day, NPS students performed Assamese folk dances to welcome the foreign delegates in the festival.

‘Children of Conflict’ steals the show at NPS fest

Guwahati, Nov 25: “Children of Conflict”, a short movie prepared by a Kashmir-based production house on the impact of terrorism on children, hogged limelight during the second day of the 9th edition of the International Chinh India Kids Film Festival being held on the premises of NPS International School, Guwahati on Wednesday./p>

The 13-minute film, director and screenplay writer of which is Majid Imtiyaz, is dedicated to late Sameer Gaffat War, who died of a mortar shell explosion which he and his friend had found accidentally in a pile of rubble. Not knowing what it is, they started playing with it and this is where it exploded. This Film "Children of Conflict" is dedicated to awareness of all the victim children residing in different conflict regions on the globe. As soon as the screening of the movie starts at the Brahmaputra Auditorium of NPS campus, over 500 students that assembled at the hall to see the screening of the movies were spellbound. The entire auditorium wore a pin drop silence and the kids were glued to the screen only. Jury members, both Indian and foreign, were all praise of the movie and vehemently spoke against terrorism.

With humor and sorrow, the atmosphere at the NPS auditorium was swinging like a pendulum throughout the day as over 50 films were screened there. Be it the films like Bounce or Mariya, Heer etc., the students jury members experienced a unique experience at the film festival venue.

“We are very much happy that the students are appreciating the films screened here. Through the film festival we want to create best of the best budding film personalities which can contribute to the betterment of the nation,” founder of NPS International School JN Das said.

Apart from the films, the participants of the film festival also had experience of different kind when they witnessed kids in the chairs of the jury members. For the first time in the film history of the Northeast India, kids were judging films in this film festival. Students of II to XII standard were the members of the jury during the second day of the film festival and they were enjoying their work. Anujit Baruah, a Class II student and Himangshu Singh, also of Class II, were enjoying their work very much. “We are enjoying the movies as well as our new responsibility. It’s a new concept and we are all enjoying,” they said. Same is the reaction from young jury members like Anish Gupta of Class IV, Nasimul Islam Khan and Sai Girish of Class VI.

Workshops on various topics were also conducted during the day on Wednesday. Participating in a workshop on film making, Assamese film maker of international repute Gautam Bora spoke elaborately on various aspects of film making. Urging the future filmmakers, who were attending the workshop, to see films made by directors of Argentina, Sweden, Finland and even Myanmar, Bora stressed on the need to see the paintings of world famous artistes, read book, especially story books, visualize elements and try to acquire the knowledge on sound to be a good film maker.

“Globalisation has disseminated the smaller culture. Good films are those which are closer to your heart,” he said during the workshop which was fully packed with children.

Internationally renowned photographer Barbara Di Maio conducted one of the workshops on “The Study of Colour through Photography”. This workshop focuses on the importance of colours in photography. During the classes the children learnt the rules of composition and the use of colours. They studied the “colour wheel” and the concepts of complementary and opposite colours in order to take harmonious and beautiful images. They also learnt how to tell a story through photography and at the end of the course they organised a small exhibition of their work.

Ksenia Shorokhova of Russia attended the workshop on “How to use Social Media effectively?”. The workshop aimed at to equip the participants on how to write for social media platforms, role of social media in our lives, managing social media effectively, promoting an initiative or project and using hash tags etc.

Russian expert Sergei Dvoryanovu attended a workshop on “7 Steps to Heavens!”

During the workshop, Dvoryanovu aimed at to engaging young minds in discovering spiritual elements using 7 hit Beatles (God, Friendship, Love, Work etc).

Earlier in the day, the visiting students were given training on water sports and students in large numbers attended the programme.

Foreigners interact with city students, discussed Pizzas to Pithas

‘Chalk’, ‘Bounce’ emerged as best films of NPS int’l fest

Guwahati, Nov 26: Indian director M Navin Kumar’s touching short film “Chalk” and UK filmmaker Rory Lowe and DC Barclay’s film “Bounce” were declared as the best movie in Chin Gold in Early Education category and Chin Gold in Teen category respectively on the concluding day of the 9th edition of the International Chinh India Kids Film Festival held on the premises of NPS International School, Guwahati on Thursday evening.

Earlier in the day, the visiting foreign students were taken to some city-based schools to interact with the local students. During their discussion in each school, issues relating to culture, food habits, films, education, students’ life were came to the fore. Right from Pizzas to Pithas and Ferari to Bollywood, lots of interesting topics hogged the limelight during the discussion. The Italian students also shared their feeling how the Pizzas available in India are very much different than that are made in Italy. On the same way, the city students also shared their feelings in the education system, dances of Bollywood etc.

The three-day-long mega kids’ film festival, where best films were selected by children as jury members, came to an end with some dazzling cultural performance by the students of NPS International School. Students in both colourful and traditional dresses performed various modern and folk dances, including Bihu, which mesmerized the audience, including the foreign visitors.

Bounce, a 10-minute short film, is a heart-warming tale of a five-year-old girl’s trials and tribulations trying to attain her Hearts desire; the Bounciest Ball in the World Ever! Of course reality is never quite the same as one’s desire.

Navin Kumar’s “Chalk” is about a child’s beautiful expression of his emotions and need for mother’s love. The movie shows a young boy collecting chalk and drawing a picture of a woman whose love he seeks.

Both the films managed to get appreciation both by the jury as well as the visitors who witnessed the screening of the films on NPS premises on Thursday morning.

Apart from organizing workshops on various topics attended by experts from foreign countries, the visiting students from abroad to the film festival were also taken to some local schools, both government and private, as part of a cultural exchange programme. The visiting foreign students were given chance to interact with the local students in various city school, including Betkuchi Kigh School, Modern High School, Kahilipara and South Point School. Students were overwhelmed to take part in the programme.

“We thank all the stakeholders of the film festival to make it a grand a success. Children got the opportunity to select films and interact with foreign experts. The workshops attended by the foreign experts turned to be very much helpful for the attending students,” said JN Das, founder director of NPS International School, Guwahati.

During the concluding day function of the festival, Daya Ram Rajbongshi, Additional Secretary to the Government of Assam and SL Baruah, DCP were present as guests.

Visits to UN Headquarters, New York

Students of NPS International School, Guwahati visited New York city which has a significant impact on global commerce, finance, media, culture, art fashion, research, education and entertainment on numerous occasions, especially from 2011 onwards.

In the year 2016, students also visited World Trade Centre, Empire State Building, etc. They also visited UN Headquarters General Assembly where issues relating to international affairs were being settled down.

NPS students in US to experience Prez Polls process

Guwahati, Oct 22, 2016: While the entire world is closely observing the debates and the possible fallouts of the US Presidential Polls, a team of students from NPS International School, Guwahati are camping in the poll-bound country to get the firsthand knowledge about the much talked-about elections of the globe.

A team of 21 members, including 17 students, from the Guwahati-based school are in Florida, US and closely monitoring the entire process relating to the Presidential Polls. Florida is the ‘Tipping Point’ of this Presidential Elections.

“Apart from monitoring the electoral process, we have also got the opportunity to discuss various issues with the local populace,” said Satabdi Gogoi, a Class XI (Science) student and also a member of the team.

In the US Presidential elections, the voters do not cast their vote directly for an individual presidential candidate. In reality, the voters cast their vote for a group of people known as "electors". The electors are the members of the Electoral College from the various US states and they in turn cast their vote for the preferred candidate. Once the general elections take place, the first phase of the US presidential election is completed.

In the second phase, the "presidential electors" cast the votes to choose a president and a vice-president. A president is elected if he or she receives an absolute majority of the electoral votes cast.

The NPS students have expressed surprise over the style of the election campaign process of the largest superpower of the globe. “Unlike India, we have not seen a single election-related banner or poster here. Everything takes place here in a disciplined and planned manner. People or party supporters throng the university auditoriums etc., to witness the election debate of candidates. General people also closely watch the debates participated by the candidates in TV,” Jyotirmoy Das of Class VI said.

This is not the first time that the management of NPS International School, Guwahati is sending its students to abroad to get foreign exposure. The management of NPS International School, Guwahati has sent its students to various front-ranking institutions of Spain, London, Germany, Dubai, Sri Lanka and off course USA over the years. NPS is the first school from the North-east to send its students to NASA.

During their previous visit to NASA, students were taken to US Astronaut Hall of Fame where they got a taste of firsthand experience of astronauts for real missions. Students felt the pull of 4gs in the G - Force Simulator, sat in a mission control console, touched a Mars rock and landed the space shuttle. All these provided a true experience of Space Flight to the students of NPS International School. NASA Scientists also explained to the students about NASA’s vision for space exploration.

“In the year 2015 also, the school had sent its students to NASA’s John F Kennedy Space Center, world’s gateway to exploring, discovering and understanding our universe. NPS International School is the first school from NE region to visit NASA as well as receive astronomy training there. NPS students also went for a three-day astronaut training experience (ATX) in NASA whose mission is to pioneer the future in space exploration, scientific discovery and aeronautics research,” Mr JN Das, founder and chairman of the school said.

Regular visits to Disneyland and Universal Studio, Orlando, USA

Visits to Disneyland from 2011 onwards

As part of their visit to the United States of America from 2011 onwards, students of NPS International School visit Disneyland in Orlando, a land where fantasies turn into reality.

Every time they board a ferry which guides them towards the entrance of Disneyworld which has four major park and two water park attractions. During their tours to the Disneyland in 2016, students also visited Disney world magic kingdom whose rides attract and appeal to guests of all ages. From here they were escorted to EPCOT center where they experienced the wonderful theme park which brought both technology and culture together. An exciting experience awaited them at the Hollywood studios of Disneyland and the carnival show. Students did their thrilling adventures at Animal Kingdom and also enjoyed Blizzard Beach attractions in Orlando.

They spent a relaxing day around Melt-away Bay and enjoyed the thrill of Slush Gusher. Visits to typhoon lagoon attraction at Disneyland left an everlasting impression of joy and adventure in the mind of students.

These tours to Disneyland indeed memorable and life time experiences for the students of the school.


From 2011 onwards, students of NPS International School, Guwahati are visiting world famous Universal Studios almost on regular basis.

During their visit to Universal Studios in the year 2016, students learnt the functioning of -D and met with many cartoon characters whom they have seen only in their television sets. Students also enjoyed various wonderful and exciting rides.

They visited the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, passed through the Hogworts Castle gates, visited sports of Hogmeade including Houcydukes, Zonkos Joke shop and many more.

Roller coaster and river adventures were the most thrilling experience for the visiting students from Guwahati. They enjoyed their lunch at the three Broom Sticks where street dancers were entertaining the guests. Thus, the first day of the 2-day tour was full of fun and excitement.

On second day, the students visited other parts of Universal Studios. They visited horror make-up show and enjoyed 3D theatre of robots. They were so excited that tiredness seemed miles away from them. After having full fun in Orlando they started their journey to New York.

Global accolade to NPS students at the 45th Giffoni International Film Festival, Italy

Guwahati, July 30: Two of the films prepared by the students of NPS International School, Guwahati were screened at the prestigious 45th Giffoni International Film Festival in Italy recently and were highly appreciated by experts, including Hollywood stars like Tom Felton,

Martin Freeman, Darren Criss and Orlando Bloom.

Three NPS students, namely Hrishiraj Sawan (class IX), Dicha Boro (class VIII) and Trishna Saha (class VIII) were also selected to be members of jury+13 during the 45th edition of Europe’s largest children’s film festival in Italy.

Assam Bamboo Craft and We are Same Same But Different were screened at the film fest, which was attended by the representatives of 42 countries, 3300 students and 420 delegates. NPS were the only nominee from India during the event.

Interacting with students after attending the screening of the films, Harry Potter-fame Thomas Andrew “Tom” Felton was all praise of the students of NPS for their creativity in both Assam Bamboo Craft and We are Same Same But Different.

“Personality like Hollywood superstar Felton’s words of appreciation were really encouraging for our students,” said JN Das, director of NPS, who led the Indian delegation to the coveted fest.

Soon after screening of both the films, global community attending the film fest, especially some of the experts in the field, thanked us and wanted to know much about the Northeast region of India, especially its culture, traditions and food habits etc., Das said adding: People

attending the screening of Assam Bamboo Craft also showed curiosity to know much about the forest cover of the region, especially about the types of bamboos and their utility in diverse fields. Attending the programme, English actor Martin Freeman also spoke highly about both the movies solely prepared by the NPS students. “It was really encouraging for all of us to meet Hollywood superstars like Freeman, Felton, Darren Criss and Orlando Bloom. It was a lifetime experience for us,” said Hrishiraj Sawan, a class IX NPS student and a member of the jury of the Giffoni International Film Festival which concluded on July 26.

Hrishiraj along with Dicha Boro of class VIII and Trishna Saha of class VIII had the privilege to judge some of the films prepared by children of age group of 13-15 years. “We were selected to judge seven films. Accordingly, we voted and selected films in such a mega forum,” Hrishiraj said, adding: During our interaction, the Hollywood stars gave us tips on various topics, including fundamentals of making movies and judging films. Judging films in such a mega film festival was nothing but a lifetime opportunity for all of us. Showcasing the marvels of the Northeast, NPS students elaborated on the bamboo craft of Assam through their film Assam Bamboo Craft. While We are Same Same But Different is a documentary based on discrimination against the people of the Northeast India in the so-called mainland India.

“This kind of well-organised festival gives students enough scope for exchange of ideas at international level. Media education has tremendous potential at global level and NPS is providing the same for its students,” Das said.

Speaking on the participation of Hollywood stars during the event, Das further said that interaction with such personalities will definitely help students to achieve success in life. “These personalities also shared their secret of success with the students. By attending such events, students can also be benefitted from concept like global friendship etc,” he added.

Educational & Intercultural Exchange Program for NPS students in Spain

Spain - the land of the dangerous sport of bullfighting, the world renowned La Liga championship and the majestic dance form that is the Flamenco. And NPS International School had the privilege to send a team of 25 students to this beautiful and culturally rich country.

Under the leadership of the founder, director of the school, Mr. J.N. Das and a teacher; our students participated in this Cultural and Educational Exchange program from the 6th of June to the 16th of June. The team landed at the Madrid Bajaras – Adolfo Swarej (Madrid Airport) on the 7th of June, at around 2:30 pm. They received a warm welcome at the airport itself, and were consecutively divided into two groups. The first group consisted of 13 students who went to the Centro Escolar de Amanecer Residential school and the second group stayed with the host families of students belonging to Collegio Joyfe.

The next day, after a hearty breakfast, the students were given a tour of the school by the English Teacher Amelia Rodriguez. Most of the students and teachers spoke little or no English as they had to learn it only as a secondary subject in school. The students attended a Spanish class and interacted with other students of the class, mostly with gestures, but also with the little words and phrases that they had learnt so far. An exciting part of their day was the games session they had every evening, where different matches were played between the Spanish and the Indian students. It was just the right mix of fun and physical activity. It should be mentioned here that sunset in Spain occurs at around 9:30 pm, which gives the place long hours of daylight.

The next day, the team went museum hopping. They visited the National Museum of Archaeology, Madrid and the Del Prado Museum.

The third day was very special. The students of both countries had a discussion amongst themselves about their individual culture, educational systems, the outlook of the young and so on. The same day they also had a cuisine exchange program where our students got to taste the famous Spanish dish called, “Paella” and the Spanish students tasted an Indian dish flavoured with our world famous “Bhoot Jolokia.”

On the fourth day, a cultural extravanganza was held at the Amanecar school where the students of Joyfe were invited too. Each country displayed their colourful traditional dance with much aplomb and gaiety. The Spanish students were very impressed with the Indian dances, and were totally taken by surprise when our students presented a Spanish dance on the soundtrack of Bailando.

After that, the students were taken to the Estadieu de Santiago Barnabeu, more commonly known as the Real Madrid Stadium. The students, especially the boys were mesmerized with the huge press rooms, the massive greenrooms, the glittering Hall of Trophies, the display of the jerseys of the star players and so on. It was a dream come true for the students to view and revel in the glory of the home ground of one of their favourite football teams.

On the fifth day, the students spend the day roaming around and shopping in the largest mall of Madrid – namely Xanadu Shopping Centre. The mall not only had numerous big stores and eating joints, it also had a state-of-the-art ice skating rink and a snow park.

On the sixth day, the team made an excursion to Segovia, which is a historical place. Some of the architectural monuments of this place dated back to the 1st century – and had been preserved with utmost care and careful maintenance. They were shown exquisite statues and other sculptural displays, which had been created most artistically.

The seventh day our students went to an amusement park, joined by the students of Joyfe and Amanecar schools.

The eighth day, the students spent their time in the school again, attending some more classes and interacting with more school students.

The next day, our students were given an emotional farewell by the Spanish students. The students boarded the plane to India - enriched with new knowledge of a beautiful country and lots of happy memories of their Spanish buddies in their hearts.

School Immersion Program in The EBBSFLEET Academy, UK

Twenty one students accompanied by Mr J.N. Das, director of school and one teacher visited Ebbsfleet Academy, London for School Immersion Program from July 15 -22.

On the first day, students had a guided tour of the school where different departments, laboratories, music and dance room, indoor & outdoor playgrounds were shown. All our students attended the classes as per the time table along with their respective buddies, who helped them in doing the classwork and other designated activities. Students attended classes of Science, Religion, French, Spanish & did various class activities with them.

It was a great learning experience for all, as the British schooling system is quite different from ours. Their classes are highly interactive and productive. Students sit in small groups and do their work in collaboration. They also study almost same subjects like Geography, History, Mathematics, English, Science, Economics, French, Spanish, Religion etc.

After the school hours, students visited various places of Tourist interest like Trafalgar square, Buckingham Palace, Elizabeth Tower, London Bridge, British Museum, London Eye, Wembley Stadium, Greenwich Royal Observatory, Olympis Stadium, Lords Stadium etc.

A visit to the world renowned Cambridge University…...It is the second oldest university in English speaking world & has a huge campus accommodating 31 colleges and over 100 academic departments. We also visited some of the famous colleges on the campus like the Kings college, the Queens college, the Trinity college and enquired about the courses being offered.

We also visited the Oxford University, Imperial College & Christ church college which is one of the largest colleges & an unique institution that has produced 13 British prime ministers. On the last day, all the students gave a power point presentation on experiences, learning, similarities & dissimilarities in Indian & British culture & education system

Intercultural Exchange Program - New York, USA

Students of our school visited Broklin Modern International High School (BMIHS) where they were greeted and welcomed by teachers and students. Here they were shown the School Library from where there were taken to the auditorium. Head girl Heena from Thailand along with the principal of the school explained the functioning of school to the students. Mr. J.N. Das invited the students of Broklin Modern International High School for the student exchange programme. There was an interactive session between students of BMIHS and NPS International School in which students of NPS performed Bihu and Bhangra which was highly appreciated. It was all of great fun. In fact the exchange program was of great educational value for the students of NPS International School.

Educational & Intercultural Exchange Program, Germany

A group of students of NPS International School visited Germany for an educational cum cultural exchange program from 3rd June to 16th June. Only two schools from India had this privilege of getting invite from Mr. Krause on behalf of German Government. It was a pro¬found learning experience for the students as they had an opportunity to learn a great deal about German culture, language as well as their food habits and life¬style. The students stayed with different host families and received their genuine hospitality, infact the hosts went out of the way to make the students feel at home. Eventually, the students got so attached to them, that they shed heartfelt tears at the time of departing. Dr. Urlike Weisenbora, the coordinator of this program arranged the itinerary for the students to visit many interesting places of historical importance, tourist attractions and local interest. The students visited the host school Phillip Matthaus Hahn Gymnasium and attended lessons in classrooms. They worked productively with German students on a project. The highlight of the visit is the ’Indian German Evening’ where the Indian students presented a cultural extravaganza of traditional dances and songs. German counter-parts also presented a very colourful and entertaining program in this special evening.