'Best Of All' Award Winner in 'Rajiv Gandhi National Quality Award' by BIS,Govt of India(Gold Plated Plaque,and 5 Lakhs,2015)

Parental Workshop

For overall development of parents and students, NPS International School organizes Parental Workshops from time to time over the years. Apart from inviting leading Parental Workshop Consultants from India, the school is also inviting experts from abroad to conduct Parental Workshops in the school premises.

Leading educationist and career-consultant of international repute Dr. Amrita Dass conducted a three-day Career Counseling programme for the benefit of parents in the school conference hall.

Besides individual counseling of students, Dr. Dass also addressed a packed house of parents and answered their queries related to career choices of their wards. The parents lauded the initiative of the School for taking up such sessions for the larger interests of the students. Dr. Dass is the Founder Director of ICS-International and has the distinction of pioneering the career counseling and guidance services in the country. Dr. Dass addressed issues like -- New age careers that are coming up offering good prospects; The strengths and weaknesses of our child, and whether we are in a position to match them to the requirements of his/her prospective career; The competitive examinations that are conducted by various colleges; How to choose the career which can give us maximum advantage etc.

The other career consultants in her team which visited the school included Mr Kamlakar Dwivedi and Mrs. Mala Mukerji.

Ms Margaret Warner,an Assessor of Higher Level Teaching Assistants in the UK and an International Educational Consultant, conducted a two-day workshop for parents of NPS International School. Addressing a huge gathering of parents, the former Inspector of School in the UK stressed on the need of exchange of ideas among both students and teachers to keep them updated about the changing world.

Mr Stuart Scott from the University of Cambridge conducted a two workshop with parents of the school. Parents also got the opportunity to discuss elaborately their problems.

Mr John Hunt, Chief Executive, Lotus Flower Trust visit NPS International School almost on yearly basis and meets students, teachers, and parents of the school. His programmes always become lively as, it seems, parents always enjoy asking their queries.

Mr Brennan Gage, an educational consultant of international repute, conducted a two-day workshop for parents, students, and teachers of the school.

Prominent child psychologist, social worker and Assistant Director of National Institute of Public Cooperation & Child Development (NIPCCD), Ms. K Sunita Seshadri, attended the Parental Education Workshop on Vulnerability of Adolescents of Today & Role of Parents, organized by NIPCCD at the premises of NPS International School, Guwahati, on Saturday, 26.09.2015.

During the lively interactions with parents, who took part in large numbers, Ms. Seshadri spoke on the various vulnerable issues relating to adolescents and apprised parents about their roles. Ms. Seshadri said that the adolescent period is a confusing period for children, who face an identity crisis. Adolescence is the period between childhood and adulthood. It is a time of rapid and difficult changes. This is the time when boys and girls daydream about what they want to be when they develop intense idealism and feel a new closeness in the relationship with their friends. It is the time when they begin to ask difficult questions about right and wrong. The adolescent goes through physical and psychological changes. These changes can overwhelm him or her and this phase is often called a phase of turmoil. She adds that by withholding information about these changes and about different aspects of sex and sexuality from the adolescent, an already troublesome phase becomes more complicated for many. Further, there are added confusions due to the various myths, misconceptions that abound around it, and also due to the stigma attached to the various issues of sexuality.

In India, despite the fact that adolescents form one-fifth of the Indian population, their reproductive health needs are poorly understood and ill-served. While the needs of children or pregnant women are acknowledged in national strategies and programmes, neither services nor research has focused on adolescents and their unique health and information needs. In a country where adolescents comprise more than 200 million, the health consequences of this neglect take on enormous proportions, she said.

Understanding the need to orient parents with the changing scenario in the education sector the school organizes the parental workshop on a regular basis.


During the induction programme, workshops are also conducted on the theme, Positive Parenting for High Behavioural, and Academic Achievements at NPS International School. These sessions involve parents of all the students from class XI and XII. The session seeks to encourage the parents, guardians, to be positive and supportive in ensuring the growth of the child both in academic and behavioural aspects. The workshops are meant to build a collaborative culture by bridging connections between the child, parent and the school.

The parents are sensitized about the soaring academic achievements and performance in the CBSE Senior Secondary Board Examinations. Guardians are informed about latest cut-off marks for the best colleges in India and the parents are requested to raise the expectation bar of their ward through positive reinforcement. Stressing the importance of goal setting, all the parents are motivated to interact with their children on their expectations and provide a positive learning environment.